Hope Literacy Program

Hope United Inc. is hosting a 2-week Hope Literacy tutoring program for students in grades 6- 12, from July 3rd – July 14th. The Summer Tutoring Program was developed to meet the needs of students who are struggling to keep up or falling behind grade level reading, writing and basic math.
This program is a direct response to the current education crisis. There is a dramatic reduction in ELA (English Language Arts), and math scores. Student performance has declined drastically since 2020. Reading skills for 4th and 8th grade students across the nation has dropped to the lowest point in 30 years, and nearly 40% of 8th graders are unable to understand basic math concepts. The current education crisis is deemed as the worst performance since testing began in 1969.
Our Summer Tutoring Program provides students with three on-site assessments to measure learning progress and achievement and evaluate the effectiveness of the tutoring program. In this program we also address social and emotional literacy, because many students have displayed signs of loss of focus and confidence in the classroom setting. Our activities and exercises are designed to help students readapt to in person learning and gain skills and strategies that are essential to confidence building, focus training and alleviating social anxieties in the classroom.
Our projected outcomes for the students are preparation for the next school year, FSA readiness, reading and writing at or above grade level, stronger math skills and a steady pathway to college.
Registration fee is $360
The hours of operation will be 10am - 3pm, Monday through Friday, meals included, (lunch and snack).
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