Becoming God’s Yes Man

Whether it’s an early start or the only option God gave me. I started early in ministry. Every ministry challenge God ever gave me it seems I would turn around to hear someone say, “Wow you’re so young…”. Matter of fact if I had a dollar for every time I heard that question I would have a small fortune.

After being asked this question so many times and pondering it in my own heart I came to a very true revelation. You should never say no to God no matter what the circumstance and no matter what your age. Many times now my responses is, “God told me to do it and I couldn’t refuse Him”.

I believe it is so important for believers to have a mentality that if God says to do something we don’t give excuses. If God has called you to do something, your age is not a problem for Him. Maybe you’ve been saying to yourself, “I’m too young”. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “I’m too old”. I challenge you to dig deep and find a way to say yes!

– Pastor Joshua Swilley