God Challenge Our Hearts

Pastor Joshua

My prayer is that God challenge our hearts. There is such a spirit of this age, such a natural and spiritual propensity to settle and not strive forward. In our families, our marriages, our careers and most importantly our walk with God there is a complacency. There is nothing more the enemy would want than you to settle and not push for the high calling God has for you.

In Philippians 3:14 Paul tells us PRESS for it, work towards it. We need to have an irrepressible faith, a faith of action, a spiritual walk that DOES Kingdom Things! If I can encourage you, if I can push you, if I can make you uncomfortable with being comfortable that is good. Too much comfort leads to a lazy faith. Be encouraged, be provoked and be challenged to be everything God has ordained for your life.

Today I pray for you to receive that fire in your bones, that mountain moving faith, that zeal that is unquenchable. Today I pray God challenge your heart towards the greater things that He has for you. I pray a bold faith and a hunger for the incredible things this season will hold for you!