Why DIY Christianity Doesn’t Work

Pastor JoshuaToday, many Christians are opting out of church and opting in for a more do it yourself approach as it relates to their relationship with Jesus. Across America, Christians are treating Sundays and any other function of the church as optional. This is why that’s a tragic misconception.

The devil’s flavor of the day is individuality and independence. Jesus’ unchanging teaching is this- upon this rock of revelation I will build my church (Matt 16:18). Notice Jesus didn’t say upon this revelation I will build individuals, he said my church, my ecclesia. The concept has never changed from the standpoint of the Word of God. There is a worldly philosophy that has crept into the Body of Christ. Make no mistake about it, when Jesus comes back he’s returning for a bride not individuals that are all doing their own thing. When I see American Christians turning away from the church it breaks my heart because the Church, as unified believers, is what this world needs to see. There is power in unity. This world needs a visual witness of a people who love God and are willing to stand in agreement together. This walk was not meant to be carried out alone. We need God and we need each other.