Exposing Silent Doubt

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Pastors Joshua and Keren talk about addressing the inner doubt dialogue. SERMON NOTES: Exposing Silent Doubt Conquerors part 4 Silent Doubt: Principle:  You can’t have a conquering mindset with a mind full of doubt.  King Amaziah: 2 Chronicles 25 Principle: You have to remember who you are in God, if you’re going to overcome silent doubts.  Wrestling to Win: Mark …

A Winning Mentality

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Pastor Joshua talks about the mindset needed to win. SERMON NOTES:A Winning MentalityConquerors part 2 Intro: Joshua 24:15 New Living Translation…as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord. A Winning Mentality: Principle: When we allow ourselves to become full of fear, or led by fear will begin to lose. Principle: God wants to give us the winners …

Faith Over Fear

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