Faith Over Fear

What do you do in a panic stricken world?

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Hope United Church
Faith Over Fear

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  1. The take away is that we MUST live by faith in the Son of God and in His Promises. I personally refuse to let the enemy steal, kill and destroy who God Says I am. Pastor Joshua; I will see you on Wednesday at about 10 AM. God Bless You.

  2. In order to have Faith its important to have the relationship with God, so when storms come we have Faith to what God is speaking in our heart through holy spirit, and doing it. Not caring what the surrounding is and what other people are saying about it. But we believe and praise Him already knowing that the battle is won and it will be done even when we don’t see it yet. And like you said ” the Devil can’t touch it” because we know what God did for us and he saved us and we have testimony to move us through the storm and Faith is in front of us. God id Good and we are nothing with out Faith. And we need to resist the Devil when he comes like you stated, and he will flee Amen! The Devil doesn’t attack luke warm christians but warriors of Christ that are fighting the spiritual battle, and we need this Faith to fight this battle , because we don’t know what is going to come next but we need to stay firm and not fall. And we need the Shield Of faith for the Battle or we will fall at the battle.

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