What’s Your Footprint? Part 2

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Interview with AJ Donaldson #newseries #what’syourfootprint #pembrokepines Like and Subscribe to Our Channel! We’re excited to offer live online church services at 9:30AM & 11:30AM on our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. Chat with us live, enjoy special moments of worship and watch together as a family. Looking for more? We’d love to connect with you. Click to see our …

Creating a Prophetic Environment

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The Prophetic Community part 4. Pastor Joshua speaks about creating an environment in your life to better hear God’s voice. SERMON NOTES: Esperanza: Principle: Create a prophetic environment in your home. Young Saul: (1 Samuel 10) Principle: There is power when you step into a prophetic environment that will activate something in you. Jump In: Principle: The more you get …


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Pastor Joshua talks about 5 things that will help you hear the Lord’s Voice.